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Your Brand.

There's nothing less tangible, yet more important, than your brand. Building and nurturing your brand is both an art and a science.


Your Strategies.

Effective marketing strategies evolve from clear objectives, and are implemented by the right choice of integrated tactics.


Your Online Presence.

There's a difference between a website and an online presence: the former is just a virtual brochure; the latter actually performs.



Emerging tactics

A good business to business, or b2b advertising agency will focus on today's emerging, online tactics so as to combine traditional business advertising with the emerging technologies which enable faster, more focused, more measurable results.

Integration of b2b advertising with sales efforts

It's also important to ensure that your business advertising is aligned with well-planned sales and marketing objectives.

Your USP

An experienced b2b advertising agency will also help you define your "unique selling proposition", in other words, what sets you apart.

Capitalize on your website

Most business to business marketers have a decent website in terms of design. What really matters in b2b advertising, however, is if and how your site is optimized. Website optimization (or SEO; search engine optimization) is both a science and an art, and needs to be managed by business marketing pros.

Creative still matters

A b2b advertising agency which understands today's emerging tactics will focus you more each day on online strategies and in that space you still need creative that breaks through. Fortunately, the ability to study customer persona via online analytical tools and other b2b advertising measurement tools enables business marketers to fine-tune their messaging.

The b2b advertising agency process as it relates to marketing

Regardless of whether you are focusing on traditional or emerging online business marketing tactics, the process of planning is the same. Start with clear business and marketing objectives. Then develop the strategies to achieve those objectives. Then identify and execute the tactics to drive your b2b advertising and marketing strategies. What's critical today, however, is gaining an understanding of the powerful, dynamic (ever-changing) online tactics that are available. You need to get up to speed on those tactics, and develop the analytical tools that will enable you to measure and adapt. This is where an experienced b2b advertising agency can help.

Don't forget the sales function

In b2b advertising and marketing, it's important to integrate your marketing with your sales efforts. This means: develop a sound sales lead generation strategy; find ways to engage prospects; nurture the leads; measure results; then deliver only sales-ready leads to your sales force.

Content is king

A traditional b2b advertising agency may claim that your "content" should resided in your corporate brochure, in sales tools, maybe in case studies or listings in that bulky directory or maybe the white paper that your engineers developed. Now, content is online. Business to business customers want information lots of it, and they go online to get it. Content is king in the online space. The more you offer, the better the chances that your page comes up in search engine results. Content also contributes to better search engine optimization for business marketers.

B2B Inc. a b2b advertising agency located in St. Paul, Minnesota, can help If you're looking for experts to guide the way for you, especially in the online space, and for a team to help you implement objectives-based tactics , give us a call for a discussion. You won't find a better b2b advertising agency.